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Van der Valk Horti Systems has been a familiar name in the greenhouse industry for many years. In fact, we are the only specialised company that has completely dedicated itself to the development and production of vent-opening and screen mechanisms. That is why our systems can be found in so many greenhouses. Our high-quality components not only get your business moving, but more importantly keep it moving.

Greenhouses are becoming increasingly larger and more complex. And consequently the thousands of components are increasingly less accessible for maintenance. You must be able to blindly trust these. That is why at Van der Valk Horti Systems we go to extreme lengths with each new product development.


The development of new products and systems is a core activity. Each component clearly sets itself apart with its own carefully considered details. Moreover our products are fully tested and approved before they arrive in your greenhouse. Van der Valk Horti Systems, your guarantee for operational continuity.

Why Van der Valk Horti Systems?

• The only company in the world specialising exclusively in the development and production of ventilation mechanisms and screen systems

• Engineering and production are both in house

• Innovative systems with distinctive benefits for growers

• Quick and reliable deliveries due to our modern machinery and large stocks

• Technical, commercial and project support provided by enthusiastic staff

• Quick and efficient mounting using unique, well designed and high-quality components

• System supplier since 1963  

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"Thanks to the innovative character and high-quality products of Van der Valk Horti Systems, we can provide our customers with the best greenhouse horticulture even better."

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