Sustainable purchasing

Paul van Helden
Purchasing Manager    

"Reducing dependence on scarce, pricey raw materials and the unstable raw materials market makes us all stronger."

#4: Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility includes sustainable purchasing. This is also called Socially Responsible Procurement of Circular Procurement. But what is that actually? And how do you implement this in your policy? 

When making purchasing decisions, you look e.g. at the price, quality and delivery time of a product. With sustainable purchasing, you also pay attention to social and environmental aspects. In circular procurement, products or materials are put to optimal use in a new cycle at the end of their lifespan.

In our previous message we talked in more depth about how we deal with waste and recycling. In this last message about CSR (for now), we focus on purchasing.

In an earlier message we talked about our ISO 14001 certification. Part of this involves examining the entire chain. For example, we have prepared evaluation criteria for our suppliers and made selections on the basis of their activities in the field of sustainability. Wherever improvement was possible, we encouraged, motivated or offered help.

Paul van Helden, Purchasing Manager, explains more:

"Sustainable purchasing is an important instrument for CSR. It is good that we develop products with a very long lifespan. Separating production waste and recycling are also important.

But the purchasing of sustainable materials also contributes to this naturally. Provided that the quality and longevity of our products is guaranteed, we will always opt for recycled plastic and aluminium, for example."

How does Paul envisage the future?

"By engaging with other business relations in the chain, you can make the difference in reducing the depletion of raw materials. Moreover, reducing dependence on scarce, pricey raw materials and the unstable raw materials market makes us all stronger. We shall continue to work towards this!"

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