Jack Vijverberg | Sales Office Manager

My function as Sales Office Manager is a combination of head of salespeople in the office and in the field, while I manage the Sales Office and the Project Manager.

No two days are alike. My tasks include dealing with e-mails, preparing and following up quotations, selling projects and developing them for production and logistics, maintaining and updating pricelists, giving advice on the telephone, meeting with clients in the office and visiting others in the Netherlands and abroad, giving presentations and tours, keeping the calculation programme up-to-date. There really are too many to list here!


A few times a year I visit our business relations in Canada. There has been a massive development there in the horticultural sector. Medicinal use of marihuana has been permitted in Canada since 2001. Since 2018 the production and sale of marihuana for recreational use has been legalised. Given this legalisation, many certified producers have greatly expanded their companies. The new greenhouses for this crop are more advanced and contain many of our systems, like the StabiMax Twin-rail mechanism (StabiMaxTwin) and our ValkScreenVision screen system. These are complex projects involving a long period of construction. I regularly fly to visit projects in Canada to make sure that everything is running smoothly according to plan, to answer questions and to invest in our client relationship.


In the 31 years that I have worked at Van der Valk, I have seen many changes. When I started in 1988, there were just two sections: B.P. van der Valk Kassenbouw and Van der Valk Systemen. I was first employed in the Systems Department. My office was located in a Portacabin because the current warehouse and office building were still being constructed. Van der Valk stopped building physical greenhouses in 1992 to focus completely on developing, producing and supplying vent-opening systems and screen materials. Van der Valk Systemen grew further into an important supplier for greenhouse builders and screen installers. Over the years, much has been done to automate the systems, both in the office and in the factory. In 2009 a second section was added to Van der Valk Horti Systems: Van der Valk Solar Systems. It focuses entirely on the production and supply of solar panel mounting systems for the solar industry.


What I most like about my job is the contact with clients, manning trade fair stands, the travelling, the responsibility, the variety and the contact with different departments in the company. The constant revision and scale increases of the projects in this sector make my work interesting.

Van der Valk is a real family concern, with an informal work atmosphere and pleasant colleagues!

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