Diana Menheer | Marketing & Communications Manager

In my function as Marketing & Communications Manager, I manage the marketing team and focus primarily on inspiring, informing and convincing existing and potential customers.

As we are partly operating in a new market, this function has changed greatly over the years. We started with some market research and positioning. Next, we worked on our image and branding. Customers must know who we are, what we do, and what our product range is, and it is our job to ensure they do.


For example, we are visible online on our own and other websites and on social media, and we send out digital newsletters. But we are also active offline. We advertise in specialist journals and arrange exhibitions at various trade fairs here and abroad, for which we do the design and organisation. And we organise training courses and webinars, which are given by my colleagues in Sales.


As our customer base grew, we developed many service documents, like manuals, to keep our customers fully and clearly informed. Since the creation of my team, our graphics have improved considerably, and we no longer use an external advertising agency.


Because the number of our customers and of our activities continues to expand (luckily!), I also work on optimising the work processes. There are now various protocols in place for different activities to ensure that we don’t forget anything. For example, there are scripts for trade fairs, protocols for following up newsletters, social media, training course, etc.

And as we recruit more colleagues, internal communication has become increasingly important and part of the tasks assigned to Marketing.


What I really enjoy about my job is researching and setting up new activities. One of my latest projects involved conceiving and setting up a campaign for the new split bearing bracket and the realisation of the website www.valksolarsystems.com. I also like preparing the newsletters. And writing marketing plans. And realising creative expressions with my marketing colleagues, like campaigns and advertisements. So I guess it is difficult to choose!


The best part of this company are my colleagues. We work hard and have a serious drive, but at the same time there is so much humour. We go through a lot together, and there is somewhat of a feeling of being brothers and sisters in this family concern. I feel we should be proud of what we have realised together.

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