Is your automatic screen insertion system, ValkScreenVision, also suitable for screen cloths that darken?

Yes indeed! We've done several projects, for example for chrysanthemum and also cannabis cultivation, where the screen system even contained 3 layers of cloth! In other systems, the cloth clips can then come off. Not with ValkScreenVision, because here the fabric strip is attached to the fabric.

Read more about the ValkScreenVision.


What is the difference between a regular lockingpin and the ClickLockingPin?

-The ClickLockingPin can be mounted with one hand. You will know, after hearing the "click", that the push rod is attached to the ventilation window.

-The standard locking pin requires an extra action. The tabs at the end of the pen must be bent manually. This is sometimes forgotten, so that the push rod is not secured.


Why is there a Slide variant of your KliMax slip system?

To prevent wear (and tear) on the Klimax and on the reversing pulley.

Due to the expansion / shrinkage of the profiles, the standard KliMax slip systems no longer arrive precisely in front of the reversing pulley when opening and closing the screen. Because the KliMaxSlide can ‘shift’ in the profile, it always ends up right at the reversing pulley. So even dilatation couplings are no longer necessary, which saves time and money!

Why is your TrussClamp equipped with two lips?

For protection of the polyester wires. The two lips ensure that the polyester wire stays in the middle. In this way it does not hit sharp edges and lasts much longer.

Why is our StabiMax Clamp so wide (1)?

This is to compensate for tolerances of 2 x 8mm.
Additionally: the depth of the clamping bracket (2) provides more clamping force on the tube.

Why are there holes in the CableDrum?

When installing a screening system in a greenhouse, the pull-wire must be wound on the Cable Drum. With a section size of 5 meters, for example, this must be 24.5 turns. This does not have to be counted: you can stop at the outer hole in the Cable Drum!

Why is there a hole in the ValkPlus push rod?

To prevent it from freezing during cold times. Thanks to the hole, moisture accumulation, and therefore frost damage, is not possible.

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