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How stable are you?

'The new cultivation' already forms part of many modern cultivation strategies. It stands for optimal production with lower energy consumption.
Its most important elements are:
* Moisture management under the screen.
* Using the screen sheets more often and for longer.
* Dealing better with CO2 by using less natural ventilation.


The precision of this ventilation is a crucial aspect.
Is your vent-opening system stable enough? Would you like to have maximum control? Then read on...

For real control freaks

Why is the precision of ventilation essential?

The more uniformly your vents open, the better the climate control in your greenhouse. And the more uniformly they close, the more optimal the CO2 dose and the greater the energy savings.

To prevent vents closing imperfectly and to obtain the most uniform ventilation gaps, only one product will do: the StabiMax hinge.

StabiMax consists of:

1. A hinge element that allows the vent push rods to be mounted so they don't rotate around each other.
2. A unique tube grip that absorbs the tolerances of the greenhouse without error and is absolutely torsion-free.

Worldwide, these hinges have been installed more than 2 million times!

Did you know that around 3000 ha. of horticultural greenhouse use the StabiMax system for their vent-opening system? That creates trust, don't you agree?

So don't lag behind, go for the maximum achievable result in climate control and energy savings! Click here for the brochure

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