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New Product! ValkPulley

Greenhouse builders and screen installers both know the open secret: a V-pulley is a handy tool. It prevents slack in the return cable with a pull-cable screen system. 

But 'handy' is a rather broad term. This becomes evident when you encounter the ValkPulley. It is really, truly handy. And also cheaper than the V-pulley. Want to read more?

Differences that do not lie


  • The ValkPulley is standardly fitted with a profile clip. It always fits.
  • The V-pulley requires an aluminium strip; there are different sizes of strips for different types of truss profile.


  • The ValkPulley can be secured to the screen profile (standard) and with a truss clip to the truss profile (optional).
  • The V-pulley can only be secured to the truss profile.


  • The ValkPulley can be opened. This permits: 
    • Removal or replacement.
    • Mounting afterwards.
  • None of this can be done with the V-pulley. It must be strung in advance on the return cable. And once it is mounted, it stays mounted.

And let’s not forget...


The ValkPulley is about 25% cheaper!

Order now?

Of course, that’s possible! The ValkPulley can be ordered using these article nos.:

442777 - ValkPulley with stainless steel profile clip (standard, secures to screen profile)
442779 - ValkPulley without clip (optional, secures to truss clip)

The V-pulley will soon disappear from the assortment.

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