GreenTop | Outside screen system

Greenhouse climates can be controlled better if certain weather factors can be ‘screened out' outside the greenhouse. Excluding sunlight reduces solar radiation and lowers the temperature, which is especially important for high-quality ornamental plants like orchids and roses. Outside screening also means electricity savings (due to a decreased demand for cooling) and higher CO2 concentrations (less loss through ventilation). And thanks to its insulating effect, there are significant energy savings in the spring and autumn. The GreenTop outside screen from Van der Valk Horti Systems adds even more benefits to this list.


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In the video below you can see the GreenTop outside screen in operation.

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GreenTop | Outside screen system

Lightweight and compact

Construction on the ridge of the greenhouse

  • Freely accessible gutters
  • No accumulation of dirt
  • Slender Valk-Plus push rods
  • Minimal light loss


The cheapest cooling method

  • Less solar radiation, so lower greenhouse temperature
  • Decreased need for cooling
  • Higher CO2 concentration, less loss through ventilation
  • Can be provided with solar panels, approx. 350 m2 per ha.

Calculation program

Calculation tool

  • Developed in collaboration with TNO and other partners
  • Calculates the forces exerted on the structure for each project
  • Insurable according to TNO norms

GreenTop | truly a TOP product

Hinged construction

The compactness of the construction is primarily due to the use of slender Valk-Plus push rods, which have been the standard for decades in their application in vent-opening systems in greenhouses. With the GreenTop outside screen, they are applied as carriers of the screen trusses, mounted next to the glazing bars as an inverted V on the ridge. The V-carriers are hinged on both the underside and the top. This allows them to absorb lateral movements, preventing additional load from being put on the ridge due to torsion in the structure. The height of the outside screen is of course determined by the length of the V-carriers, which are manufactured entirely to the client's specifications.

Optional solar panels

GreenTop outside screens are also available with integrated solar panels to generate electricity. A fixed cap is made of solar panels and placed precisely above the screen system so there is no further loss of light. The green electricity generated can be used to meet part of the energy requirements in the greenhouse (air conditioning units, pumps, refrigerating units, etc.) without substantial transmission losses.

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