KliMax | Slide system

The KliMax Compact slide system from Van der Valk Horti Systems has evolved through its faultless functionality into the standard in its field. With 3, 6 or 9 kg of resistance, it is the most powerful system available.

It effortlessly compensates or the expansion and contraction of your greenhouse by ensuring a firm seal of your screen all around. It pulls the screen open to form the smallest possible package. And it ensures extremely uniform ventilation slits to allow moisture to escape. The KliMax Compact system offers you energy savings, more light and an even and controllable greenhouse climate. In addition, KliMax guarantees controlled forces exerted on the greenhouse structure, which is not a superfluous luxury given the continuously increasing height and length of greenhouses and the number of screens.


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KliMax | Slide system

Energy savings

Perfectly suited to retensioning motors

  • Allows your screen to adjust 24 hours a day to the expansion and contraction of the greenhouse
  • Prevents gaps in the screens through retensioning
  • Aligning screen profiles first for uniform openings to allow moisture to escape or even
  • dissipation of heat

Increase of light

The most powerful of its kind with 3, 6 or 9 kg of resistance

  • With controlled force creating the smallest screen package
  • Maximum amount of light due to compact construction


Perfection in every situation

  • KliMax Standard: for standard screen systems
  • KliMax XLDriveLine: with anodised aluminium tube
  • KliMax Tube 19: for fixing on a tube 19 (mm)
  • KliMax Slide:

• Prevents tension in the screen drive system • Shortens the installation time (expansion axes are no longer needed) • Low maintenance

KliMax: (t)optimal screens


This is how retensioning works

The retensioning system, developed in cooperation with Van der Valk Horti Systems, is a revolutionary ‘monitoring system' that allows your screen to change with your greenhouse 24 hours a day.
It is being used by more and more suppliers of drive systems.

The closed screen is given a small pulse' of 1-2 cm every 2 hours for example (depending on the conditions). Gaps in the screen due to expansion and contraction of your greenhouse are thus continuously prevented before they have fully developed. The retensioning system works in the same way on the screen when it's lying on the package. By repeatedly giving a small ‘pulse' the screen is constantly ‘adjusted' and stays in the smallest possible package size.

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