SunMax® Venlo mechanism: a 30% compacter screen package

Van der Valk Horti Systems introduces the SunMax® concept. A revolutionary combination of new technology which allows you, the grower, to take a great stride forward in the search for more light. This technology makes the screen package 30% smaller. The SunMax® concept has been extensively examined by the University of Wageningen and Plant Research International.


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What is the SunMax® concept?

Normally, screens are mounted against the greenhouse frame. To make this package as small as possible, Van der Valk Horti Systems originally developed the CLIP20-screen profile (only 2 cm wide!). The SunMax® concept also uses the narrow CLIP20 screen profile. It is mounted lower down, however, so most of the screen can be folded up in the framework. By also lowering the pushpull tube of the ventilation mechanism by 30%, the whole unit becomes compacter and thus even ‘lighter’.
Van der Valk Horti Systems developed a modified screen profile (lowered CLIP20-screen profile) and a modernised rail mechanism for the SunMax® concept. In addition, a new truss clamp (suitable for two screens on one wire bed) and a modernised plastic wire guide block (prevents wire wear and tear) were developed for the SunMax® concept. In addition, the widely used KLI-MAX® Compact slip system was adjusted to match the new situation. For the best possible result, the SunMax® concept requires relatively small adjustments to the greenhouse structure.

In total, then, the SunMax® concept is a comprehensive collection of new advances that together produce a revolutionary breakthrough. A 30% smaller screen package can definitely be called that.


The SunMax® concept:

- Revolutionary new technology for screening and ventilation mechanism

- 30% compacter screen package

- 30% lowered push-pull tube

- Examined by the University of Wageningen and Plant Research International 

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