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The return on a crop depends to a considerable extent on the climate in the greenhouse. The ventilation mechanisms and the screen installations employed make a significant contribution to optimising this climate. Van der Valk Horti Systems has therefore specialised exclusively in this field. The result is evident in our distinctive systems. They are designed with an eye to sustainability and ease of mounting. They also excel in application and functionality. A standard Venlo ventilation mechanism... A Cabrio ventilation mechanism... An internal screen or a GreenTop external screen...Van der Valk Horti Systems offers you tailor-made ‘installation', for every kind of crop.

The 6 unique properties

Modular construction

The mounting systems from Van der Valk Horti Systems are constructed in units and can therefore be completely attuned to your specific needs (measurements of the greenhouse construction, cultivation aims, etc.). What is more, the well thought-out design, the use of light materials and the pre-assembly of essential components, all ensure that these systems are quick and easy to assemble on-site.

Hypermodern machine park

Van der Valk Horti Systems has a hypermodern machine park, including an unique production machine that makes aluminium push rods to specifications. These Valk-Plus push rods are used in the ventilation mechanisms and to support the GreenTop external screen on the ridge of the greenhouse.

The importance of sustainability

Your investment is accompanied by a predicted return and this is one aspect that you must be able to rely on. The systems of Van der Valk Horti Systems are constructed using only sustainable materials, such as anodized aluminum, galvanized steel and stainless steel adhesive components.

The solution for every wish

Our systems are available in different designs. As we have a large number of systems, each with its specific components, we are able to work with you on the right solution for each project. This process always begins with the grower’s specific wish.

Rapid delivery

Van der Valk Horti Systems has gathered many years of experience and technological knowledge over the decades, and we have a modern machine park. Due to the high production capacity and the large stock of raw materials, large projects can be delivered quickly.

Reliability and operational safety

In order to guarantee the durability of our installations, our systems have undergone exhaustive tests. Together with TNO (the leading independent research agency in the Netherlands), we developed the WinTop calculation programme for ventilation mechanisms.


Based upon a number of variables (geometry of the greenhouse construction, maximum wind load in accordance with local standards, the grower’s wishes, etc.) this program enables all factors that have an influence on the reliability and operational safety of the mechanism to be taken into consideration, including the required strength of the applied push rods, and the optimal opening angle of the vents.

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"Thanks to the innovative character and high-quality products of Van der Valk Horti Systems, we can provide our customers with the best greenhouse horticulture even better."

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