ValkPoly+: Screen system for poly greenhouses

Do you install screens in poly greenhouses? Then you are repeatedly facing a challenge. How do you assemble the best system from the huge range of items available? What’s the right choice, for yourself and for the grower?


You want to offer growers a screen system that allows them to influence the greenhouse climate just that bit better. So their crop flourishes that bit better.


And you yourself would like to be unburdened. No more endless calculations with different articles from different suppliers, because there often isn’t much time to elaborate a project. And you want to remain ahead of the competition with a reliable product, prompt offer and competitive price.


Just imagine: having to offer a complete screen system including a detailed project calculation at lightning speed, via only one channel. Wouldn’t that be ideal?


Watch our videos below to find out more. You’ll be surprised!


Part 1: The Challenge | Do you install screens in plastic greenhouses? 

Part 2 - The Basics | Stronger, cheaper and more durable

Part 3 - The Drive | Less engine power = less costs

Part 4 - The Versatility | Less research, less stock

Part 5 - The Software | Free, webbased and user friendly

Part 6 - The Conclusion | ValkPoly+, Where innovation meets cost savings

In this final video we list all the benefits of the hardware and software to give you a complete overview of ValkPoly+.

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