ValkPoly+: Screen system for poly greenhouses

Do you install screens in poly greenhouses? Then you are repeatedly facing a challenge. How do you assemble the best system from the huge range of items available? What’s the right choice, for yourself and for the grower?


You want to offer growers a screen system that allows them to influence the greenhouse climate just that bit better. So their crop flourishes that bit better.


And you yourself would like to be unburdened. No more endless calculations with different articles from different suppliers, because there often isn’t much time to elaborate a project. And you want to remain ahead of the competition with a reliable product, prompt offer and competitive price.


Just imagine: having to offer a complete screen system including a detailed project calculation at lightning speed, via only one channel. Wouldn’t that be ideal?


Watch our videos below to find out more. You’ll be surprised!


Part 1: The Challenge | Do you install screens in plastic greenhouses? 

Part 2 - The Basics | Stronger, cheaper and more durable

ValkPolyProfile | Screen profile

The unique form makes the profile stronger than the conventional screen profile and makes connecting easy without the need for additional actions or accessories. You simply slide them together. That saves money!

ValkPolyClip | Wire guide block

The matching wire guide block ensures that the polyester wire and the profile do not touch. This means both will last longer.

Part 3 - The Drive | Less engine power = less costs

ValkPolyDrive | type 1

Pull/push system

• Suitable for every type of poly greenhouse

• Linear gear/racks are required (purchased externally)

How does it work?

Functions using pull/push tube and linear gear. To open and close the screen, the pull/ push tube moves back and forth on the linear gear.

ValkPolyDrive | type 2

Pull-wire system

• Cheaper

• Controls larger screen sections with less motor output

• Greenhouse has to be able to withstand the forces exerted by this system

How does it work?

It uses a steel pull-wire and ValkPolyCord. This ‘cord’ can be wound around a smaller drive shaft, which can be controlled with less motor output.

ValkPolyDrive | type 3

Semi-pull/push system

• Cheaper and suitable for every type of greenhouse

• Controls larger screen sections with less motor output without a linear gear

How does it work?

It uses a pull-push tube and ValkPolyCord. It combines the benefits of a pull/push system with those of a pull-wire system.

Part 4 - The Versatility | Less research, less stock


ValkPolyDrive consists of only a few multifunctional components that perfectly match each other. The core of the drive systems is the ValkPolyStrip. With its smart design, it acts as a connecting element between four different components. This means you need fewer loose articles for mounting, which greatly simplifies your stock management.

The application of the ValkPolyStrip

Deviating section size

For section sizes that deviate from the standard sizes (for example, near a rainwater drain pipe), the drive system is equipped with a slip element (reel clamp or KliMax), which allows perfect opening and closing of the screen.

Part 5 - The Software | Free, webbased and user friendly


• Free

• User-friendly

• Extremely fast

This is how it works

Go to, log in or create an account and start calculating

• First enter the project details (step 1) and then the greenhouse details (step 2)

• Select the preferred type of screen system (step 3) and drive system (step 4), and the floorplan is ready


Using ‘Adjust floorplan’ you can make specific changes in the floorplan:

• For example, recesses in the greenhouse outline

• Then draw in the screen sections

• Finished? Click on ‘Save and calculate’


Select ‘Bill of Materials’ for a complete overview of materials incl. offer.

• Ready to be downloaded and sent to your customer!

Part 6 - The Conclusion | ValkPoly+, Where innovation meets cost savings

High-quality hardware and free, user-friendly software at a competitive price.

In this final video we list all the benefits of the hardware and software to give you a complete overview of ValkPoly+.

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