ValkScreenVision: the new way of screen insertion

Van der Valk Horti Systems is introducing a new screen insertion system. It savestime when inserting or replacing screen sheets and is less risky for both cropand installer.


As the screen cloth is inserted directly into the profile, there isno need to use clips. As a result hardly any work is required amongst the cropnor at great heights.


As well as being quick, clean and safe, the system is also flexible. It is suitablefor every type of screen and can be obtained from a large group of screeninstallers and greenhouse builders.


In other words: this new insertion system gives you certainty for now and inthe future.


Download the brochure here. Bekijk hier de handleiding Upper Screen ValkScreenVision

View the manual Lower Screen ValkScreenVision here
View the manual Upper Screen ValkScreenVision here



Automatic screen insertion, without clips

A specially developed tailoring machine fits the screen cloth with flexible,flat guide strips. During insertion, these strips slide through the associatedchambers in the aluminium screen profiles and truss profiles without thescreen cloth having to enter the chamber. The system owes its quick, easyaction to this unique invention.



Insert screen just before planting

With its efficient method, screen cloths can be mounted at a later time.This provides the great advantage that the screens will be less contaminated bydust during construction. This can easily lead to 1% more light coming through.A benefit that recurs every day anew.



Free choice of screen and installer

The universal screen securing system is suitable for every type of screen cloth.There is also a wide choice of screen installers and greenhouse builders whoprovide this system. By choosing this system, you have the freedom to reviewyour options again when changing the screen cloth in the future.After all, you never know what the future may hold.

Included with the insertion system

Pull Wire Installation Robot

ValkScreenVision has now been extended with the Pull Wire Installation Robot. This robot effortlessly finds its way between the thousands of polyester wires (top and bottom) at a height of approx. 6 meters and thus installs the pull wire for ValkScreenVision, error-free ánd safe! See how it works in the video below!

Auxiliary screen

For an optimal installation of the screen cloth, we developed an auxiliary cloth in the shape of a triangle. It enables the screen cloth to be inserted at its full width without tension, preventing the formation of unwanted folds.

The triangle is easy to affix to the screen cloth with a specially developed and patented connection method.

After use, the triangle can simply be detached and used immediately for inserting the next stretch of screen cloth.


The associated advanced calculation tool allows us to calculate quickly and easily the material required for each individual project. This means you receive a quote quicker.

Tailoring machine

For this system Van der Valk Horti Systems specially developed a tailoring machine, which fits any kind of screen cloth with guide strips. Thanks to this revolutionary machine, the guide strips can be attached with great precision, thus ensuring quality and reliability.


The realization of the first projects with this system was successful. The installation went according to plan, and both grower and installer were satisfied.

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