ValkTriplePlus | Screen system

Literally and figuratively designed from a different approach, the ValkTriplePlus screen profile scores better than its predecessor(s) in three important aspects: light gain, flexibility and assembling speed.


The design: screen profiles are generally narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. The ValkTriplePlus profile is exactly the other way around. Its
narrow bottom produces a smaller package of screen cloths, while the wider top keeps the profile strong. It also limits the blousing of new screens when opening them. Add to that the possibility to secure plastic wire guide blocks and its rapid installation thanks to prefab rubber seals, and the conclusion is obvious: ValkTriplePlus, 3 times better!


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Lower screen 

Upper screen


ValkTriplePlus | Screen system

Greater light gain

 Revised design with broad top and narrow bottom

  • Strong profile due to broad top
  • Prevents blousing of screen due to broad top
  • Smallest package size of screen cloth due to narrow bottom


More flexibility

Profile has recesses for plastic wire guide blocks

  • Profile can be quickly fixed at both top and bottom to the atlas wires 
  • Improved flexibility of the system as the atlas wires move with it
  • Prevents contact between the atlas wires and the screen profile, which:

• Makes the system more pliable
• Prevents cuts
• Prevents black lines on the screen

Faster installation

Delivered ready for installation

  • Uniquely stackable given its exceptional design
  • Profile prefab fitted with rubber seals
  • Fewer assembly tasks required, less damage
  • Shorter mounting time in the nursery

ValkTriplePlus: effective combinations

The ValkTriplePlus screen profile does not function just by itself. In combination with the components listed below, the ValkTriplePlus profile ensures maximum effectiveness and sustainability of the screen system.

Stainless steel cloth clip

The cloth clip is secured to the edge of the profile and will perform as usual on the new screen when the old one is replaced.

 Ensures a large storage capacity of the cloth

  • Ensures a large storage capacity of the cloth
  • Smallest package size means maximum light gain 


Stainless steel truss clamp

The stainless steel truss clamp has become the worldwide standard and has a double lip, which supports the polyester wires better.

  • Fitted with two rounded lips so the polyester atlas wire cannot be damaged
  • Very compact: only 26 mm wide 


Galvanised cable tensioner

It can also be supplied with a plastic cable drum to ensure a longer lifespan of the cable.

  • Simplifies tensioning of the cable system
  • Handy mounting bay for rapid securing of the cable 


Push-pull system

For installations subject to heavy and intensive use, such as screening installations and when durability and reliability are extremely important, a push-pull installation is the best solution. If one driving mechanism per screen is chosen then the push-pull tube can be positioned almost under the gutter as a result of which the light loss due to the push-pull tube is minimal. A push-pull installation also exerts less force on the outside walls. This is a possible solution where several screens are used and the combined force of the cable drive installations becomes too great. The push-pull installations are driven by steel gear racks and steel push-pull tubes of 27 or 32 mm.


The various products for a push-pull system are listed below:

Thanks to the strong hollow chamber the aluminium table clamp forms the stable connection between the HV CLIP screen profile® and the push-pull tube. The aluminium self-adjusting clamp from Van der Valk Horti Systems is the long-established solution for fitted sections in a push-pull system. Drilling is not necessary with the aluminium clamp and aluminium roller support (with plastic roller 358/34). With conical sides for a good transfer of the push-pull tube. The galvanised universal roller support fits every truss. Its slimline shape provides plenty of space for the push-pull tube and the light.

The Triple-Plus profiles can also be applied to the push-pull system.

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