ValkTrussRail | Ventilation mechanism

‘Next generation cultivation' already forms part of many cultivation strategies. It stands for optimal production with lower energy use. Its most important elements are:
• Moisture control under the screen
• Longer use of the screen more often
• Better handling of CO2 as there is less natural ventilation
The accuracy of the ventilation is an essential component of this. The ValkTrussRail vent-opening system from Van der Valk Horti Systems prevents poorly shutting vents and produces extremely even ventilation slits, making
it the ideal combination for climate security together with the ValkPlus ventilation mechanism that will last for the life of your greenhouse.



Browse through the brochure for the ValkTrussRail/Stabimax system in Dutch, EnglishGerman of Chinese. Check the manual for the Venlo mechanism for more information. 

ValkTrussRail | Ventilation mechanism


Clever design

  • The StabiMax hinge elements hold the ValkPlus push rods in an iron grip
  • The design allows the push rods to be mounted so they can’t rotate
  • The broad tube clamp absorbs tolerances of 2×8 mm without difficulty
  • Prevents gear rack wear


Climate guarantee

Optimal greenhouse climate for the life of the greenhouse

  • Better climate control
  • Extremely uniform ventilation slits
  • Perfect seal of closed vents
  • Higher CO2 dosage, large energy savings
  • Eminently suitable for ‘Next Generation Cultivation’


Click-Locking pin

Fast and reliable mounting on the vent

  • Quicker mounting
  • Reliable in use, ‘click’ is fixed
  • No damage from loose push rods
  • Strong, given the choice of stainless steel

ValkTrussRail | Precision is a vision

Around the world, over 2 million have been installed!

Around 3000 ha of horticultural greenhouses already use the ValkTrussRail ventilation system.

ValkPlus ventilation mechanism

The ValkTrussRail vent-opening system works optimally in combination with the ValkPlus ventilation mechanism, which is made to fit your conditions exactly in an automated production process.

  • A reinforced lip can withstand stronger forces.
  • A unique article code speeds up mounting and makes reordering easier.
  • The lips are bent with the greatest precision toexactly the angle needed for your vent-opening mechanism.
  • Clever condensation holes prevent accumulation of moisture and frost damage.

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