XLDriveLine | Screen drive system

Van der Valk Horti Systems is introducing a new drive technique for screen systems: the XLDriveLine. It is well-known that cable-driven screen systems that are longer than 100 m are considerably less accurate.
The traditional 3 mm steel cable just has too much stretch at that distance. That is why three screen systems are often placed in greenhouses with a gutter length exceeding 200 m.


This is no longer necessary with the XLDriveLine. With this new technology he steel cable is largely replaced by a massive and stable steel shaft which retains top precision to a length of 150 m. So you can cover a 300 m greenhouse with just two screen sections without losing climate control. 


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XLDriveLine | Screen drive system

Long and strong

Sustainable materials

  • Precise to 150 m in length with thin, solid steel shaft instead of 3 mm steel cable
  • Only two screen sections required for a gutter length of 300 m
  • Stainless steel cable 7×7 (Ø 4 mm) at the reversing pulleys
  • Wire tensioners are standardly fitted with plastic cable drums



More precision for the same price

  • Saving on materials like reversing pulleys and drive shafts
  • Less maintenance given extra strong and sustainable drive system
  • Fewer brace sections
  • Delivered in complete sections that are easy to join up


KliMax XLDriveLine

Special slide system

  • Effortlessly compensates for expansion and contraction of the greenhouse structure
  • Ensures safe restriction of forces exerted on the greenhouse structure
  • Increase of light due to the smallest possible screen package
  • Sustainable due to adjustment of a specially developed plastic in combination with aluminium housing


To simplify the installation of the XLDriveLine, the system is supplied by Van der Valk Horti Systems in complete sections, which can be quickly and easily joined up. 

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